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Molecular diagnostic tools for the environmental, agricultural, food and healthcare settings

Spot Check Technologies Limited was spun out of the prestigious MacDiarmid Institute and Auckland University in 2018 but started life back in 2016 when the co-founders won the top prize in Auckland University’s annual Velocity $100k innovation Challenge.

Spot Check is a technology company, developing a biosensor platform that enables rapid and sensitive detection of microorganisms via a single use disposable strip coupled with a portable, low-cost reader device, which is amenable to on site or central laboratory testing.

Spot Check addresses the problems and limitations associated with current diagnostic technologies by creating a fast and accurate test that is free from calibration and contamination, is stable and suitable for use in harsh conditions, and has the ability to be developed into an extensive menu. Our system is based on detecting molecular sequences and as such offers the sensitivity and specificity demanded in today’s testing markets.

The molecular probe can be either DNA, RNA or an aptamer, or a combination of the above to deliver best-in-class accuracy and speed from multiple sample sources.

The Spot Check team is a multi-disciplinary, award winning team with strong scientific expertise. The science team is complimented by a CEO and Board of Directors with extensive corporate experience.

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We will make the world a healthier place by revolutionising diagnostic testing with our new generation of quick, accurate, affordable DNA sensing technologies.


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